The ‘Dear Lord Movement’ is about encouraging people to write a daily letter or note to the Lord whether in a journal, or in their phone  note pads, a book or whatever they feel comfortable writing it in. It is not and should never be a substitute to prayer, which is an essential must everyday, but an additional  personal and private communication with Lord Jesus the KING, to let Him know what is on your heart; it is for both men and women of all ages. Please encourage everyone you know to join the movement.

This came about in my heart from the Lord today. I was feeling very sad two Saturdays ago, and felt burdened by all I was going through, and the Saturday while I was doing the laundry and cleaning the house, the thought came into my mind to write all that was on my heart to the Lord. I know this came from God, and I must say that as I was writing I began to feel better. Truth be told, when I wrote it, I purposed in my heart not to read it to the Lord until my 27th birthday, which was yesterday May 14. Yesterday, when I read all of the notes to the Lord that I had wrote, I was in tears and I poured out all I had in me before the Lord. I have always been a shy person, but thanks be to God, that it was just easy and personal to get before God and read all my letters I had wrote to Him, and yes I know God knew I was going to write it before I did it; but there was just something very personal, comfortable and special about writing all that was going on in my heart to Lord Jesus.

My only wish for my birthday was to spend quality time with my Lord Jesus, and early in the morning before daylight I was heavy in my heart; but I must say after my morning prayer and reading my letters to God, I felt a great peace in my heart and I felt really comforted by God. Truth be told, it was the most peaceful and best birthday ever to just spend time with God, and I knew He heard all I read to Him and He saw my tears; the Lord truly cares and He made sure that I enjoyed my birthday. Thanks be to GOD, praise Lord Jesus that lives forevermore.

So many of us have so much things going on inside, and at times we feel we cannot talk to those around us or even put in words, the pain we are feeling inside; but I can honestly tell you with all my heart that you can and should always talk to God about any and everything, and the beauty is He listens, He alone can and will fix it and our secrets are always safe with God.

While I was sitting in my bathroom, God placed the thought in my mind to start a movement to get people to do the same. I must confess, that when God said it to me, my attitude was that something so personal with God would be shared with others, but as the Lord always corrects me, He said they will not know my letter to Him, but that I should remember it is never about me. Truly my Beautiful Lord Jesus is always right, and this movement will only help all of us to open our hearts daily and tell God the hardest things we even try to hide from ourselves. This movement will also encourage daily and personal communication with God, which is a definite must for us, because without God we are absolutely nothing and can do nothing without the Lord Jesus Christ. We take for granted our communication with God, but this is the very cause of all our problems, because we need to communicate more with God daily in every way we can about everything; and the more we get before the Lord Jesus Christ, the better we will be. A true and constant relationship with God is priceless above all gold and riches of this world, there is absolutely nothing better than having the Lord Jesus Christ the Great, the Only, the Holy, the Living God; and having a daily close relationship with Him, and knowing we belong to Him is breathtaking and most valuable. There is none better than God, and when God alone is at the center of our lives, then we are good to go. We need to purpose in our hearts to communicate with God daily. God is my Wealth and Perfect Treasure, and the more I spend time with Him the better it is, gets and the better I become. We should communicate with the Lord daily, not just when we want something; and the more you spend time with God, the more you will see that He is really Awesome and getting to know Him is everything. God talks to me, His presence is more than extraordinary, and I find that a relationship with Him is all I need. God is my Everything and God alone is EVERYTHING, and the Best One to spend time with. I love kicking it with Lord Jesus everyday. Without God this thing call life I could never do.